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Customs Clearance Agents UK

FF Customs & Logistics is a specialist custom clearance agent in the UK. We handle all UK Customs and border formalities for importers and exporters.

For the convenience of our clients, we offer remote service. We accept document scans electronically, so the driver does not have to come to our office.

100% professional. 100% efficient.

Customs agency. We will take care of your customs declarations.

Do you import to the UK from the European Union countries? Or maybe you export from the UK to the EU? Customs clearance is now required for your goods at the UK border.

Do you already work with a Customs clearance agent that will ensure that all Customs declarations required at the UK border are completed correctly and submitted within the required period? Do not leave your Customs clearance until the last minute – an agency might not be able to take you on immediately, so find one before it’s too late!

If you are looking for a professional but friendly UK customs agents that will get your goods through Customs on time and without unnecessary complications…

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Customs agency headquarters in the UK

We are based in Felixstowe, the largest container port in the UK, from where we handle cargo crossing the UK border at any point.

Customs clearance after Brexit - Customs declarations in 2021

After Brexit, all goods crossing the UK border require Customs clearance. This means around 200 million additional declarations per year!

The British government has introduced a number of measures to make it easier for businesses to adapt to the new procedures. Until the end of 2021, importers of most goods from the European Union have up to 175 days to submit a Customs declaration. Even such a long period is not always enough, as the existing customs agents in the UK are not able to cope with the workload, and not all businesses want to invest in expensive customs software.

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Changes in the requirements for Customs clearance from 2022

From January 2022, import declarations will have to be ready before entering the UK. In the absence of these, the vehicles with the goods will be held at the border until all formalities are completed. The vision of several dozen hours spent on the border is becoming more and more real!

It is important that declarations are filled and checked thoroughly and in accordance with all the regulations. Delays in clearing Customs mean wasted time, money and extra stress. Hiring specialists to carry out your UK Customs clearance will help you avoid both the extra costs and the stress.

Learn more about what causes the most problems for EU companies at the UK Customs.

UK Customs declarations - efficiently, quickly and professionally.

FF Customs & Logistics specialists have nearly 10 years of experience in obtaining Customs clearance for goods from all corners of the world, from furniture to electronics, from construction machinery to pharmaceuticals, from crockery to food. We are also prepared for veterinary and phytosanitary clearance procedures, which will be required from October 2021.

Start working with our customs broker in the UK today and let us take care of the Customs clearance of your goods. Professionally completed documents will allow each driver to go through the clearance without any problems. Your goods won’t get stuck at the border and you’ll have more time to run your business instead of struggling with the red tape.

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UK Customs Clearance at Competitive, Transparent Prices

Efficient Customs clearance does not have to be expensive. Customs broker FF Customs & Logistics do not promise the lowest prices, but we guarantee our experience and the highest level of professionalism at a competitive price.

  • Import clearance (goods imported to the UK from the European Union): £40 for the first 3 commodity codes, each subsequent code £3.
  • Export clearance (goods exported from the UK to the European Union): £30 for the first 3 commodity codes, each subsequent £3 code.
  • Regular cooperation + over 50 declarations per month: quoted for individually.

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We carry out Customs clearance throughout the UK, including at ports such as Dover, Folkestone (Eurotunnel), Hull / Killinghome, Immingham, Felixstowe, Harwich, Portsmouth.

See what documents we need to complete your clearance and what the whole process looks like.

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