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Felixstowe, United Kingdom

About FF Customs & Logistics

FF Customs & Logistics agency was established in response to the hugely increased demand for Customs clearance processing after Brexit, but our specialists have been dealing with Customs clearances of goods entering the UK from the farthest corners of the world for many years.

Our specialists have processed hundreds of clearances for containers containing electronic devices, pharmaceuticals, furniture, construction products and food. These include thousands of collective shipments clearances for a well-known British chain of everything-for-a-pound kind.

From paracetamol to e-cigarettes to timber and bedding, from heavy construction equipment to yoghurt, we are familiar with almost every product category.

Our experience is supported by qualifications: Associate Customs Practitioner (level 3 certificate in customs compliance) and Certified Customs Practitioner (level 4 certificate in advanced customs compliance).

This combination of experience and qualifications guarantees that we know what we are doing. A flexible, individual approach means that FF Customs & Logistics clients can really count on us. We take full responsibility for the correct preparation of customs documentation based on the data provided to us.

For the convenience of our clients, we accept documents in European Union languages without translations and we do not require them to be submitted in person to our office – scans sent electronically are sufficient.
Customs clearance agent FF Customs & Logistics

Customs clearance pricing

Professional Customs clearance does not have to be expensive. Our price structure is transparent, and the cost of clearance depends on the number of commodity codes.

  • Import clearance (goods imported to the UK): £40 for the first 3 commodity codes, each subsequent code £3.
  • Export clearance (goods exported from the UK): £30 for the first 3 commodity codes, each subsequent £3 code.

We provide individual quotations for clients with more than 50 clearances required per month.

Our values

Flexible approach
Many years of experience
Professional qualifications
Transparent prices
Convenience of remote processing
Customs clearance agent FF Customs & Logistics

Do you need Customs clearance now? Or maybe you are looking for reliable Customs Agents for regular co-operation?

We process Customs clearances in the UK, including goods entering via Dover, Folkestone (Eurotunnel), Hull / Killinghome, Harwich, Immingham, Felixstowe.